Past Members

Picture of Berta Shdemati

Berta Shdemati

Member of the group since 1980. A practical engineer in chemistry, with a degree from the Technion. Responsibilities include teaching and guiding the graduate and undergraduate students through the practical part of their research, operating and maintaining lab equipment, and taking care of the smooth running of the lab. Continue Reading Berta Shdemati
Picture of Maayan Nir-Shapira

Maayan Nir-Shapira

B.Sc. summa cum laude in Chemical Engineering Faculty from the Technion (2013). Studying toward M.Sc. in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience program. The research focuses on Nanostructure of Lipids and nanoscale raft domains in mixed lipid bilayers using the experimental techniques cryo-EM and immunogold labeling. Continue Reading Maayan Nir-Shapira
Picture of Camila De Paula

Camila De Paula

email:  cdp2812@gmail,com
B.Sc. summa cum laude in chemical Engineering from the Technion (2016). Studying toward Ph.D in Stanford University, USA. Continue Reading Camila De Paula
Picture of Ph.D. Daphne Weihs

Ph.D. Daphne Weihs

Date of formal graduation: February 2004 Title of Thesis: "Dynamics and Microstructure of complex Liquids" (Ph.D.) Present position: Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Her field of research is bio-rheological and mechanical properties of live cells with regard to disease and health. Continue Reading Ph.D. Daphne Weihs
Picture of Amram Bengio

Amram Bengio

My research in the Talmon group focused primarily on the visualization of solutions of carbon nanotubes in chlorosulfonic acid. Using cryo-TEM we are able to image dilute CNT solutions in order to characterize the nature of these dispersions. Image analysis of the micrographs provided us with a reliable method for obtaining statistically significant estimates of CNT length. For higher concentration solutions, we use cryo-SEM to characterize their phase behavior, which has allowed us to directly observe the nematic liquid crystalline nature of these systems Continue Reading Amram Bengio
Picture of Irina Davidovich

Irina Davidovich

B.Sc. magna cum laude at the faculty of Chemical Engineering, Technion. Member of the group since spring 2010. Studying toward M. Sc. in Nanotechnology and Nanoscience program. The research focuses on characterization of nanostructure of microemulsions using cryo-TEM and cryo-SEM. Continue Reading Irina Davidovich
Picture of Dr. Liat Oss-Ronen

Dr. Liat Oss-Ronen

Graduate of the Technion in Chemical Engineering: B.Sc. (2002) and M.Sc. (2004). Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering from the Technion in 2009, under the supervision of Prof. Dror Seliktar, on the topic of affinity-based drug delivery using bio-synthetic hydrogels. Current research focuses on the three-year, EU FP7-funded project, part of the SELFMEM (Self-Aggregated Copolymer Membranes) consortium, administered by our colleague, Prof. Volker Abetz of the HZG, Gesthacht, Germany. In the framework of this project we have been studying the bulk morphologies formed by selected block copolymers, that may be used for membranes formation, as well as the membrane formation process. Methods: RT and cryo-TEM, RT and cryo-HR-SEM, SAXS and SANS. Continue Reading Dr. Liat Oss-Ronen
Picture of Liron Issman

Liron Issman

B.Sc. summa cum laude in Biochemical Engineering from the Technion (2009). Studying towards M.Sc. in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The research, in collaboration with Prof. Brenner's lab from the Rappaport institute, focuses on the characterization of breast cancer cell originated microparticles using the experimental techniques of cryo-TEM, cryo-SEM, DLM, and FACS. Continue Reading Liron Issman
Picture of Liora Omer

Liora Omer

Date of formal graduation: January 2010 Thesis title: "The Study of Meso-Phase Formation Mechanisms by Cryo-TEM and EPR" (M.Sc). Present position: Ph.D student in the faculty of medicine, Tel Aviv University. Continue Reading Liora Omer
Picture of Dr. Maya Lubobski-Schnabel

Dr. Maya Lubobski-Schnabel

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Technion (2006). M.Sc in Chemical Engineering Technion (2008). Working towards a Ph.D. in bio-medical and chemical engineering. The research topic is "Structure/Function Determination of Cell Migration Through Amorphous Polymeric Networks of PEGylated Protein Hydrogels". The main experimental method used is cryo-SEM. Supervisors: Prof. Dror Seliktar & Prof. Yeshayahu Talmon. Continue Reading Dr. Maya Lubobski-Schnabel
Picture of Elena (Alona) Makarsky

Elena (Alona) Makarsky

Date of formal graduation: February 2007 Title of Thesis: "Nanostructure of Novel Self-Aggregative Block-Copolymer and Surfactant systems" (M.Sc). Present position: Process engineer at "HP". Continue Reading Elena (Alona) Makarsky
Picture of Dr. Rita Vilensky

Dr. Rita Vilensky

Date of formal graduation: May 2007. Title of Thesis: "Structural Characterization of Lipoplexes and Polyplexes" (M.Sc). Present position: Ph.D student in the program of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience, Technion. Continue Reading Dr. Rita Vilensky
Picture of Marina Konorty

Marina Konorty

Date of formal graduation: February 2004 Title of Thesis: "Microstructure Aspects of Complexetion between DNA and Positively Charged Colloids" (M.Sc.). Present position: A PhD student in the Organic Chemistry Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Continue Reading Marina Konorty
Picture of Dr. Sarah Weisman

Dr. Sarah Weisman

Date of formal graduation: August 2005 Title of Thesis: “Microstructure Characterization of DNA-Lipid  Systems” (Ph.D.). Present position: Postdoctoral fellow at CSIRO, Canberra, Australia. Continue Reading Dr. Sarah Weisman
Picture of Lilac Caspi

Lilac Caspi

Date of formal graduation: February 2004 Title of Thesis: “Phase-Transitions, Nucleation and Crystallization in Mixed-Lipid model Bile Systems” (M.Sc). Present position: Pharmacist at "Rambam" Health-Care-Campus  in Haifa. Continue Reading Lilac Caspi
Picture of Dr. Sharon Golan

Dr. Sharon Golan

Date of formal graduation: 2011 Title of Thesis: "Nanostructure of Lipid/Polymers- Nucleic Acid Complexes" (Ph.D.) Present position: Postdoctoral fellow in Seattel hospital. Continue Reading Dr. Sharon Golan